Care & Maintenance

The purchase of beautiful new countertops from Prestige Marble & Granite will surely be enjoyed in your home for many years to come. As a part of that beauty, it is important to understand the characteristics of the stone product you selected.


Granite is a natural product and therefore slight surface imperfections and color variations are to be expected and accepted as part of the stone’s unique character. These type of markings, as well as tiny cracks and fissures are more inherent in some colors than others. Usually the more active the stone the more these markings will be noticed. Care: Installed granite tops from Prestige already have a coat of sealer applied. Since lighter colored stones are generally more porous than a darker one, we recommend reapplication for those stones at least once a year; darker ones approximately every 2-3 years. Sealer (Silicone Impregnator – available at Prestige) creates a barrier resistant to surface absorption and keeps the top sleek for ease of cleaning. Everyday maintenance requires nothing more than a mild soap and water, such as your dish detergent. Dry with a clean soft cloth to avoid watermarks or streaking. Agents containing ammonia should be avoided as they tend to break down the applied sealer over time. Granite cleaners may also be used.


Since marble is also a natural product, it shares some common traits with granite, as well as possessing some very distinctive features generally requiring more care and maintenance. All Prestige tops are sealed upon install; however a second coat for marble is suggested afterwards by homeowner and a minimum of yearly reapply thereafter. It is best to use only mild cleansers: avoiding abrasives, ammonia, or harsh cleaning agents. Clean spills promptly: particularly wine, juices, and vinegar. Coasters, trivets, and cutting boards are recommended.


Although a manufactured item and generally more consistent than granite, slight color and pattern variation from slab to slab is still quite possible and is not considered a defect by the product’s producer. Sealer is not required on this product and daily cleaning procedures would include mild soap and water or nonabrasive, non-ammonia cleaners. The use of a hot pad or trivet is recommended.

For additional information, please ask your Prestige sales associate.